s4 (Saturday Sleepover, Sunday Something-or-Other)

On January 21, 2013 by Chris Avell

Let the Little Children Come to MeGod is great (1 Timothy 1:17)!  That keeps refraining in my head after the (dare I say – miracle) amazing weekend we had as a family and as a community of Christ followers…  Wow.

This Saturday night we decided to let our girls invite some girl friends over to spend the night.  We did it last weekend and it went very well because with the girls trapped in our midst, we were able to share the Gospel with them while we all partied hard (Ephesians 5:16).  Then on Sunday morning, last week, we decided to sit down with the girls and study some of God’s word and then do a wee-bit-o-worship together.  It was stupendous (haven’t used that word in a while).

So, back to this Saturday…  We thought it would be great to get some adults in the mix(Hebrews 10:25) so we held a game night.  My wife and I have held many of these in the past; the concept is simple – get together and play some games.  So, game night it was!  We didn’t end up playing any adult games (no, not THAT kind – geesh!) until around 11:30PM however because something else was happening.

What else you say?…

Well…  While Samantha and I were out picking up some of the girls to bring to the game night / sleep over we decided to invite one boy (a friend of T-Watt, one of the girls) named Aussy.  Ok, T-Watt and Aussy are not real names but they are kids so I am trying to keep covert.  Of course if you’re on FB then all bets are off…  And you shouldn’t be betting anyway!  Now, where was I…  Ok, so we had been taking Aussy to youth group on Wednesday nights (The Element baby!) and thought it would be cool to have him come along.  When we get to his house we find his 3 wacky brothers (Bran Muffin, Wiggins, and Mash) anxious to get out and PARTY – this, was a miracle unimagined blessing.  So, we all hopped into our minivan, ummm, this part might not have been totally legal (Lord, forgive me please), and headed to our house – it was only seven blocks away…!

Anyway, then some other good friends show up with their little ones – Princess M, Dunkers, and GMan.  Suddenly our house was packed with kids (and adults).  It was an AWESOME GIFT from our AWESOME GOD(Psalm 85:12).

In the end we had fifteen little nut-balls spend the night and, in the morning we talked about Jesus.  GOD IS SO GOOD – as we were talking about our Lord and God, Jesus, we learned that these four boys really knew NOTHING about him.  “He is some man that lived a long time ago” was the response when I asked Bran Muffin what he knew about Jesus.  So we decided to can the “lesson” I had “planned” (if you know me, anything with the word PLAN in it is to be taken lightly) and simply talk about who Jesus was, a little of what Jesus did in His time on earth 2000+ years ago, and that he wants us to follow Him.  I talked for about 30 minutes, which was probably about 20 minutes too long, but in the end when we asked the kids “do you want to follow Jesus”, they all raised their hands!!  PRAISE GOD!

Now, I’m not a complete idiot (well, depends who you ask I suppose).  I am well understanding that these new disciples (students) might be answering what they think we want to hear, they do not know Jesus well enough yet to really commit to following Him, they…  This is all true.  And, I could probably allow satan to put a bug in my ear and list 10,000 reasons that all these kids, four of whom had NEVER really heard about Jesus, didn’t experience anything authentic…  But I won’t (James 4:7)!  My wife Lisa, my friend Keith, and I know what we witnessed.  The soil has been prepared.  And next week the kids (all four boys) agreed to come back… And seeds will begin being planted.  And by the Grace of God we will be witnesses to some fresh, good fruit.  GOD IS AMAZING – and that He allows us to be part of His plan to grow His Kingdom for His Glory is AMAZING.  THANK YOU LORD FOR BLESSING US.

Proverbs 22:6
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”


3 Responses to “s4 (Saturday Sleepover, Sunday Something-or-Other)”

  • WOW! FIFTEEN kids in one house all night! Did you get ANY sleep?! But that is an amazing beginning for those four who thought of Christ only as “some guy who live a long time ago.”

  • Nope, not much sleep at all. SOOoo tired today, but well worth it!!
    It was an amazing miracle – not only those 4 boys, but all the other kids and adults that came as well. Also amazing – TDog’s friend we haven’t seen in YEARS saw it on FB and was able to come! It was GREAT to see her, and she loved seeing friends she hadn’t seen since she moved away years ago!! YAY GOD!!! PTL!!!

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