Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends…

On January 23, 2013 by Lisa Avell

…and I know how to do this!  Note exhibits A and B please:

100_3840Avell bros 4-11-12 (1)

Yeah right I do…  this is a lie.
But I’ve been lent a book by a friend that promises to teach me how to make my littles all act like best friends all day every day, yay!!!  Ok, I’m not really that stupid.  But I was talking with my friend months ago about siblings fighting, warring, etc…  and she brought me this book:

book coverMany people have given me books to read, and I’ve read probably around 40% of them.  It’s not that I mean to insult anyone, but I just don’t have a lot of time to read.  Especially low on my reading list are self-help books.  Understand, it is solely MY ignorance that is categorizing these books.  I do not think that my dear well-meaning friends and family members sit around and read SELF-HELP books (or need to, for that matter); I don’t even think most of them need to self-help themselves (but if you do you know who you are).

It’s just that my reading time comes at the end of my day, and my idea of unwinding does not include reading someone else’s descriptive scenarios reflecting upon the ultra messy and often gross day I’ve just experienced, hence my desire to classify any parenting or lifestyling books as “self help” in order to justify crossing them off my potential reading list.

Livin’ it…  so I can’t relax while readin’ it…  know what I’m saying parents??

But I’ve been enjoying this book immensely, and it has been helping us with parental and sibling issues – a great read for sure!  Now for the challenge of making a curricular Bible study of it without the kids fighting over which one of them is doing more work…

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