A Mother’s Love

On February 7, 2013 by Jamy Shaffer



Today, my mother reaches a milestone birthday…. won’t say what that milestone is but it is a biggie!  I cannot think of anyone who is more giving, selfless, caring, loving…. I’m sure that there is one I’m thinking of…. that is what the comment section is for.  Not only as a mother but I admire her strength and faith more than anyone.  She and my father has raised (and continues to)  the four children they created.  Along the way, they took custody of my cousin when she was in the first grade.  Charnel arrived on Thanksgiving night that year.  Now Mom and Dad play a huge part in the rearing of 10 (and soon to be 11) grandchildren.  That in itself would seem like a daunting task for anyone.  However, Mom has done so much more for so many for many years!

Mom and Jeff on Charnel and Rich's Wedding Day

Mom and Jeff on Charnel and Rich’s Wedding Day

While my siblings and I grew up, she was involved in all of our extracurricular activities.  She served on the Summer Recreation board and the Music Boosters for many years.  Apart from her “real job” as a beautician which she does right out of the front of the house but she has (at various times) worked at the local grocery, driven school bus, kept the score books for most of the high school athletics.  Every day, she continues to drive a morning, afternoon (for Kindergarten), and evening school routes.   Most evenings, my parents are gone to one sporting event or other: volleyball in Autumn, boys and girls basketball in Winter, and softball in Spring and Summer.  You can almost bet that the only two nights a week that she MIGHT have time to breathe are Sunday and Wednesday.

2012 was not one of the best years in the family; however, in many ways I think it has made us grow closer as a whole.  Last year, my Dad was in and out of the hospital (and eventually our local nursing home) from complications which resulted from a stroke he had a few years ago.  Mom took time off from her busy schedule to travel the 45 minutes to the hospital almost every night to be with him.  At times, of course the stress and weariness began to come to the front; yet with her undying faith and courageous spirit, she has been the foundation upon which our family is built.  I just pray that the love, support and prayers given and shown by all those around her have lifted some of the burden that she has had to undertake.

Proverbs 31:10, 25-30

If you are like me, you owe your mother an abundance of praise and gratitude.  Thank you God for my precious, loving mother!

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