Not The End But A New Beginning

On March 29, 2013 by Jamy Shaffer

three-crosses-1024x890What a beautiful way to begin the Easter Triduum…. the period of Holy Week which begins on Maundy Thursday with the celebration of the Lord’s Last Supper, continues to the Passion of Good Friday, on to the Nightwatch of Holy Saturday, and finally to the triumph on Easter Sunday (also being referred to as Resurrection Day).  The weather has finally begun to appear Springlike a sure sign that things will begin to grow and new life will soon spring forth.  What a more fitting way to celebrate the victory Jesus won over death!  PRAISE YE THE LORD!  HALLELUJAH! (Catholics can now begin to sing “Hallelujah” as The period of Lent which began on Ash Wednesday has concluded).

I really wish that I was able to take part in the church’s observance of the passion this afternoon.  I am really drawn to the solemnity and the emotion that surrounds the congregation from noon until about 1:30.  The music, the dramatization (the only time a reading is acted instead of just read), the prayers being raised…. just everything about the service just speaks to me in a way that few other times in the year do.  I think I appreciate it even more than Christmas services but I won’t say that.

But how remarkably AWESOME is it that Christ laid down his life, carried his own cross, falling three times, seeing his mother, being denied by his closest friends, being betrayed by one, and finally crucified in order that all humanity might be saved.  It is just unfathomable to imagine the suffering and pain he went through as the spears pierced his sides, the crown of thorns (“the ow-ie hat”) was placed on his head, the nails driven into his feet and hands, and finally emptying all he had left and commending his spirit to His Father.  Astonishing that the same people who demanded Christ’s death rejoiced and shouted “HOSANNA” less than a week before as he made his triumphant return into Jerusalem on a donkey.

As we continue to journey on to the rejoicing of Easter Sunday, I pray that we all remember the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made of himself on that hill far away.  If that isn’t the truest personification of love anyone can make well….




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