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On April 11, 2013 by Jamy Shaffer

Quite a name for the newest addition to our ever growing family (although I think it has come to a pause for the time being).  Apparently, she is named in honor of my brother-in-law’s late father’s favorite movie: Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby.  Charnel seems to enjoy(?) eventful pregnancies.  All four of them seem to have been quite memorable.  The second took place all the way in Alaska while Rich was stationed in the Army.  A few days after Chloe’s birth, the grandparents flew up.  Happily each pregnancy has resulted in four very spirited young ladies each with their own individual quirks!

Monday afternoon, Charnel came to the house and informed us that she was driving herself to the hospital.  THE  TIME HAD COME!  About 2:30, we were told that she was in full labor and that Rich needed to get home from work and get over there STAT!

Kyli, Chloe, and Kyndal stayed the night with us and it almost turned into an Adventure in Babysitting, itself.  The girls went upstairs at 9 or so; Chloe was back down about a half-hour later.  At 10, she went back up stairs.  At 10:15, I heard the patter of little feet again.  At 10:30 up she went again. 10:15…. GUESS WHO?  At 11, I thought I would plant the idea that I was going to bed soon and that she had to decide if she was going to sleep downstairs by herself or with her big sister.  Chloe went upstairs and I did not see or hear from any of the three until I got up the next morning and came down with the nearly 18-month old bundle.

News at that time on the new arrival was little by that time.  They had broken Charnel’s water earlier Tuesday morning.  Apparently, there is a new rule which states that that cannot be done until week 39 (which she had just reached).  At 9:50AM, we got the call announcing the arrival of “Another girl.”

After putting my day in on the job, I called the church organist and informed her that I had a new baby to welcome so I would be late for choir (if I made it at all).  I headed over to the hospital via a stop at Wal*Mart to pick up a few things to officially welcome the littlest member of the family.  Of course, while I was holding Rikki, the doctor came in and saved her from me.  HOW RUDE!  Shortly after, Grandma and Grandpa came to put their time in with her.

Tuesday night, I had a sleep over with Rikki’s older sisters (instead of getting up at six to go to the house so Rich could go to work).  Just as Kyli was about ready for school, I get a call: “Kyli can stay home today.”  Reeeealllllly?  Around 8, I call Grandma and inform her.  “I don’t think so.”  Charnel was not too pleased with that decision, either.  So by 8:15, Kyli was out the door on her way to school.  She wanted to go, anyway.

Blessedly at this moment, mother and new baby are home with the rest of the brood and bubba Bandit, the Burnese Mountain Dog.


Psalm 127:3

Rikki Bobbi Hazelton

Rikki Bobbi Hazelton



Kyli, Rikki, and Chloe

Kyli, Rikki, and Chloe


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