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On May 5, 2013 by Jamy Shaffer

May has finally arrived and the first weekend could not have been more beautiful.  Blue skies, shining sun, warming temps, a robin nest in a wreath on our front porch which has brought three baby birds.  All wondrous signs bestowed on us by God that new life is springing forth!  Even if it means that the task of mowing the lawn has presented itself 😉

On this weekend, an annual event takes place at my home church: a crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary with flowers presented by children of the church who had just weeks before received their first Holy Communion.  It is a time to honor the mother of Jesus and in turn all mothers as well.  Logically ;), next Sunday is set apart for us to remember our own Mothers.

Luke 1:35

She was chosen from among all women to bear and give birth to the Savior of the world.  And was on the scene when He was crucified.  She gave birth to him and witnessed his was torturing, and death on the cross.

Also at mass this weekend, we looked at another of the seven Sacraments.  Father put Confirmation into brilliant perspective. As young adults, catholics receive the Holy Spirit pouring over them.  As commonly believed, it is not simply the Confirmed accepting the Lord; however, it is more importantly He who enters the young person’s life to live within them.  We receive again the grace and love that comes through each of these seven events which drawn us closer and bestow on us God’s loving touch.

May we all share in the beauty that God presents us with every day.


New Life On The Porch

New Life On The Porch


Jamy Shaffer (58 Posts)

HI EVERYONE! My name is Jamy. I have been a HUGE believer in Jesus for all of my 39 years. So far along my journey, I have been a member of my Catholic church's choir as well as a song leader. In my free time, I enjoy singing and performing on stage with various community theater groups in my area. Although I am a devoted Catholic, I know that there are hundreds of other churches throughout the world and that none of them are the "perfect" denomination and that God embraces the beauty of all their similarities and, most importantly, their differences. If we were all the same, it would be a rather dull world.


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