Nobody ever said it would be easy…

On August 15, 2013 by Lowell Hamrick

Being a disciple? Sure! That’s easy….NOT. Well, kinda. Being a disciple can be a tremendously easy thing to do in our everyday lives. God has called each and every single one of us to be disciples (Matthew 28:19) but did He ever say that it was going to be easy? No He sure didn’t. In fact, God has told us the exact opposite (Acts 14:22) and that being a disciple will indeed be a difficult journey.

When I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ, I knew that I was taking a big step in my faith, but I didn’t realize fully what all was in store for me. Being a disciple wasn’t really something I gave constant thought about until I joined Disciple Day. Sure, being at a different church, the church I grew up at, it was easy to talk to people about God…to those I already knew. Joining Disciple Day made me realize that we not only have to be a disciple to those around us that we are comfortable with, but also to those we¬†aren’t so comfortable with. Talking has always been an easy thing for me; just ask Pastor Chris, Jamy, Lisa, or anyone else who has known me for any length of time. God had given me a gift and I never knew it, let alone knowing how to use it. In my walk with Christ, I have learned more about Christ, myself, and what we as disciples are supposed to do. Sharing the Word is easy now that I know that my “gift of gab” is truly a gift from God.

Bring in current the current day. I find myself thinking about Christ ALL the time. Spreading the Word and telling people not only about Christ, but about Disciple Day, has been super easy. I find myself talking about God in the grocery store with the clerks, the customers, at the gas station, at the movie theater, you name it and I’m sharing It! Sure, some people have a hard time talking to random strangers, especially about something that can be very controversial for some, but the more you practice and the more you learn about Christ and strengthen your relationship with Him, the easier it will get! God is on YOUR side. He will help you through every step of the way (Deuteronomy 31:6). I challenge you to share the Word of God with one person you don’t know. Give it a try…I’m sure you will be surprised!

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