Let Them Come To Me (Matthew 19:14)

On August 18, 2013 by Jamy Shaffer

but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

This weekend was a special two-fer for our band of Disciples.  Friday night, a load of us packed a van and ventured to an area drive-in to watch the movie Planes.  Before the feature began, we partook of the activities around the place…. cornhole, mini golf, and a volleyball pit.  I’m not entirely sure how much of the movie the group of 13 kids, three adults, and one Ginger actually watched.  I found myself more intrigued by the (at times) humorous activity of snacks being eaten (and otherwise) and  shivering children who were attempting to cover themselves in whatever corner of blanket they could find. We decided to leave before the second movie, Smurfs 2, began.  I’m not sure how much of that would have been watched, either.

Upon our return from the drive-in, most of us were amazed at the wide awake, ready to party, not quite 2 year old Luke.  The little guy stayed awake for the entire trip and showed no signs of zonking out.  Because I had to work the next morning, I left the party animals to their own devices, went home, and caught a few hours of sleep in my own bed.

Bees seemed to be on the minds of several of those gathered at our normal Saturday night gathering.  One eagle-eyed young ‘un noticed a bunch residing in a crack of the pavilion we normally gather at.  More exploding hot potato and NERF guns were the order of the evening.  I believe that it took longer for the circle for hot potayoyo than the actual playing.  I’m not sure that a description of the game of exploding hot potato has been given.  Similar to the classic game but with an added surprise.  A foil bag filled with baking soda and vinegar is passed around a circle. Also inside the bag is a capsule that when broken causes the bag to expand until it explodes and the surprise hits the person in the face, hands, etc.  As one might expect, much screaming and hilarious chaos ensued.

I’m not entirely sure if the potatoes ran but the action soon turned to the ever popular NERF guns.  I was informed that Chris was begged to bring them back.  HOWEVER, the young man who requested them conveniently decided to skip the evenings activity.  Before the battle was over, it seemed that the BIG KIDS (read adults) were being greatly outnumbered by the LITTLE KIDS>  I’m not entirely sure how or why but…

Our normal photo archivist was not able to attend tonight’s festivities.  However, I was able to snap a picture of little Luke who was enamored with my NEWSIES cap.  He was plying me with Scooby snacks while posing the hat in various styles.  I couldn’t resist capturing a photo of the adorable future Jack Kelly (or perhaps Crutchie or Les).


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