A bright crayon?

On September 3, 2013 by Lowell Hamrick

Are we a bright crayon?

You have likely heard the phrase, “You aren’t the brightest crayon in the box” right? Well, a lot of times that saying is used to describe someone when they have a “duh moment”.

The other day, a friend and I were discussing different things and he was making scrambled eggs. If anyone has ever had a teflon (non-stick) pan, you know that you never want to use any metal utensils in it. I noticed he was using ¬†a metal fork in the skillet and told him he had to use either a wooden spoon or a plastic spatula in the pan so it wouldn’t ruin the teflon coating. Not thinking to look next to the stove in our utensil crock, he got out the metal spatula we use on the grill! YIKES!!! When I suggested he use a plastic spatula, which was located right next to the stove, he claimed that he had a “duh moment” and someone said that he “wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box.” His reply was, “It doesn’t take a bright crayon to make a dull mark.”

A bright crayon making a dull mark; That got me thinking… when it comes to being a disciple, are we a bright crayon leaving a dull mark? I sure hope not! I feel that our duty as disciples is to make bright marks everywhere we go! Some of us may not be the brightest crayon, but we certainly can do our best to leave a bright mark, or a lasting impression, on someone when we speak about Christ. Does it really matter who we talk to? We should be talking about Christ and His love for us all the time! The more our relationship with Christ strengthens, the brighter the crayon we become.

We all start out as a neutral colored crayon, easily able to absorb other colors and take on a color of our own later in life as we learn. We are susceptible to becoming a dark color or we can choose to be a bright color. Once someone has become a bright crayon, we can start leaving marks everywhere we go. These marks may start off being small, but as our faith strengthens and grows, we naturally leave bigger and bigger marks. We are supposed to do our  absolute best to be a bright crayon and leave big bright marks everywhere we go.

Are you a bright crayon? Have you left any bright marks when you speak about Christ? The brighter the marks we leave, the better disciples we become!

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