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If I had to say anything about this past weekend’s gathering, I would say that it ranked right up there with some of the best!  Some personal reasons but overall, I think that when we have nothing at all planned and turn the natives loose, it seems almost more enjoyable to everyone. Of course, we all know about “the best laid plans of mice and men.”  For me, it was a HUGE thrill to reconnect with a 14 year-old friend who I have not really seen in 8 years!  Ok, I may have run into Pierce from time to time in passing at Wal-Mart or something but that is it.  I have to say that I am extremely proud of the young man he is (far too quickly) developing into yet at the same time retaining that mischievous fun which I remember so well.  He and my other pal Ashton just made my weekend!


Pierce and Ashton being amazed by the magic of Chris and his able assistant Vanna.

As usual, I was among the first to show up.  Upon our arrival, Chris had a trick to show us.  We had our magician host, Vanna his second banana, and the two amazed audience members who were dumbfounded by the prestidigitation.  I am pleased to say that both guys (eventually) fit in well.  Ok…. even more so after Pierce got out of the iPod.  However, having some young adults around (Taylor used to go to school with him) he had a great time, too!

And there was a bit of organization involved, if only momentarily.  A new Laser Tag set was presented and those brave enough to withstand the elements ventured out for some fun.  Yet, I think within half an hour, the hearty souls returned chilled quite nicely (?)

Being the oh, so adventurous soul that I am gave some horsey/piggy back rides to the LITTLE ones… sorry, Dennis Jones, you are just a little more than little.  Some screaming was involved, but when the riders kept shouting, “AGAIN, AGAIN, MORE, MORE!” who am I to argue?  I also took in a little of the Just Dance.  Hopefully,  Jenny brings the Disney version sometime soon.  Now THAT may just be up my alley. 1902036_692475210805122_1552951434_n

The adults also had a chance to break away and have a moment to enjoy each others company away from the frivolity of the kids.  Chris was pleased to report on our friends “The two Johns.”  Keith had some exciting news to share.  And the Avell’s are soon off for a week of fun and education down south.  Education and fun?  I know what you may be thinking but the opportunity does sound like a blast!

Again, being the brave souls they are, Chris and Lisa opened their house to any of the kids who wanted to sleep over.  I do not think there was any who did not.  So glad Pierce and Ashton were able to stay.  I might have but I had to get up in the morning to sing at mass.  NOW IF WE CAN JUST GET THEIR MOTHER TO JOIN US at least periodically? I have two co-conspirators whom I am sure would be more than willing to help with that.  I CAN BE SOOOOOOOO EVIL LIKE THAT…. MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


Luke hitting the bottle a little young!

Speaking of the youngest Avell child, here’s one to embarrass him with on his 18th, 21st, 30th, 50th and beyond birthdays. We had a hard time keeping a diaper on him.  Every chance he got, he miraculously had it ripped off.  I’m sure the attention he received from his fans friends did not help at all.  But something to look back on.

Ginger looking adorable.  Vicki lucky dog gets to watch her and Gizmo while the family are down south!

Ginger looking adorable. Vicki lucky dog gets to watch her and Gizmo while the family are down south!


Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty


GOOOO to sllllleeeeep Ashton!  So proud of him.

GOOOO to sllllleeeeep Ashton! So proud of him.


More beauties

More beauties

Still more slumberers.  Are we sure they are actually sleeping?!

Still more slumberers. Are we sure they are actually sleeping?!

How could I forget this face?

How could I forget this face?

Ok….. Disciple Days is taking a weeks hiatus.  Keep checking back for further updates.

“You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:1-2)






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