On April 1, 2014 by Jamy Shaffer

This will be the final posting I make for Disciple Days.  There comes a time when you must answer a higher calling and move on.  I have already informed our leader that I am taking a break from one of the things I have been called to do: to entertain.  This weekend, I am participating in a dinner theater to benefit the theater house which I more and more cherish every moment and memory I have made on it.  A friend asked me if I was going to audition for an area production of Les Miserables.  IT TOOK A LOT TO SAY THAT I WAS TAKING A HIATUS.  For a number of years, I have wanted to portray that slime of slimes M. Thenardier but I feel that the time has come to take a break.

Ok… on to last weekend’s fun! What a blast welcoming so many young people.  We even had a family come who have only graced us once or twice before!  Always nice to see new faces.  As for the rest,  I believe that we can all agree that it was once again filled with a lot of fun and memories made.  Some played XBOX to start the evening.  We then gather around a circle and played some exploding EXPLODING HOT POTATO!  Really, whoever inherits the blog duties I hope that they consider posting a video of this exuberant game.  It really is a hit even if it usual turns into a chaotic free-for-all of shouting!

Later, some of the kids went outside to enjoy the absolutely glorious weather which we have been blessed with the last few days.  But, with the crazy weather we have been given this winter (even if the calendar says we have entered spring), anything is possible.  Outside, a game of laser tag turned into a rather mischievous demonstration of “tug of war” over  the street, courtesy of (WHO ELSE) DENNIS JONES!  But at least, it was harmless and no one was hurt.  Some annoyed drivers passing by gave them unflattering glances.

A futile attempt was made to watch the newest Disney hit, Frozen.  However, this did not meet with a huge amount of success.

Lacy and I decided to form a game of Mafia (a fun card game…. no “hits” involved).  Chris joined us for a few rounds but later it into a rather hilarious time with a group of little ones.  It is supposed to be a relatively quiet game but this soon developed into anything but.  Soon after, it was time to make my farewells.




By the way…. APRIL FOOLS!  I plan to be a part of Disciple Days for a long time to come… posting blogs, taking pictures, anything I can do!  What a tremendous blessing to be able to embrace our youth and either introduce them or further develop their journey with The Lord!


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