On April 14, 2014 by Jamy Shaffer
They started the fire!

They started the fire!

Praise God that we actually did not have a giant fire, just a small fire pit as the weather has improved greatly and the beauty of Spring has arrived.  Dennis volunteered to host the festivities and it was a very nice early evening to just kick back and enjoy the weather and watch some crazies well… being crazy.  Near catastrophes avoided involving a baseball and a stick (easily remedied with a tennis ball).  Two teenage young men  who seem all too happy to play some mischief. Sammie who runs, hides, and turns away every time I attempt to approach her with even the slightest appearance of taking a picture. And the delight of watching little ones letting loose.

After some hot dogs were roasted (or microwaved to save time although the microwave might have taken longer to warm the dogs than the fire), Chris went to the store to gather some Easter candy for an early candy hunt.  This proved to be another HUGE hit with all the kids (young and old): all scrambling to gather as much of the goodies as they could.  Some opened as they went. Some open that was tasted, not liked, and discarded in the grass. Honestly, a “100 Grand Bar” was found unwrapped and a bite taken out of it?  I think that my favorite part of the hunt was our pint-sized Caped Crusader who seemed rather apprehensive about eating his sweets.  “Can I?” his face seemed to question.  So adorable.

After we cleaned up the fun, we all headed out to help a great friend who was in need move some of his things from one house to another.  What a blessing to assist a great guy who had a life-altering spell over the past holiday season and still recovering.  Because there was not one but two performances near he moving place, parking was minimal; however, once we got started, the task was quickly completed.  We all hope and pray that this brings him closer to our Savior as he was literally given a second chance at Life.  Prayers and Blessings to you my friend.

As we begin this holiest of weeks, may we all celebrate the mysteries and the majesty of Christ’s triumphant arrival into Jerusalem. The betrayal and denial of His friends. His suffering and  crucifixion. And finally to His GLORIOUS RESURRECTION!


Up a tree!


Luke and Adrianna on the hunt!


Chester and his famous pose. I must remember to get one every time he comes!




I'm Batman!

I’m Batman!


I'm not even sure WHAT to say about this face.  Looks like PURE EVIL!

I’m not even sure WHAT to say about this face. Looks like PURE EVIL!

IMG_0129A treasure of goodies


Aaaaand…. HE’S OFF!


Batman vs. The evil Pop Master and his diabolical power stick.

Batman vs. The evil Pop Master and his diabolical power stick.


Pierce and Lance plotting?This can't be good.  :D

Pierce and Lance plotting?This can’t be good. 😀



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