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On April 15, 2014 by Jamy Shaffer

A few years ago, Christopher told me that he and his family had gone to a performance that really moved him and that I definitely would enjoy.  Knowing Chris as well as I do after 8 years, I know that is saying a lot.  This year, he told me that he wanted to go see this Living Last Supper and take a bunch of the Disciple Days group.  I was so glad that we decided to go!  What a way to celebrate Holy Week by seeing the entire experience performed on stage in action, word, and SONG!  The hour-and-a-half long journey dramatized John’s Gospel (which is also the basis for the current movie Son of God).

Since it was more beneficial for me to meet the rest of the group at the church where the performance was taking place, I arrived earlier than the rest.  I did not know where to park so I pulled into the first drive where I did see cars parked so this must be a good place.  Little did I know that this was the back entrance which could not have pleased me more.  When I entered the building, it was like walking into a dream.  Actors and actresses walking around in robes, headpieces, guard attire.  I immediately asked if there were any extra costumes.  Shortly after, I was escorted to the lobby where I awaited the arrival of the other close to 30 group members including my best friend who sat beside me during the show.

I have to say that Chris was so correct.  The presentation was really impactful.  I found myself welling and choking up throughout.  As I told Mandie, one of the tests of any good art is the emotional response it creates from its audience.  When conceived and realized well, a painting, sculpture, book, play, or song should create some response.  We as audience members should never be ashamed to share them (even if Dennis Jones is sitting on the other side of you giving you strange looks).  Glancing down our aisle, I saw little Ashton on the edge of his seat, totally engrossed in the drama.  I seriously believe that there is a real thespian in that little guy.

Much like Son of God, this Living Last Supper was bookended by commentary by an aged St. John.  Between there were tableaux full of music, dancing, and fine acting.  The Wedding Feast at Cana took me back to October when (you might have read) I was cast as Lazar Wolf in Fiddler on the Roof.  I leaned over and started to whisper “Tradition.” Other highlights were the “Fishers of Men” scene, the Feeding of the Multitudes, and finally, the Last Supper in the Upper Room leading to the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Visitation in the Upper Room.  At the end, the history of each of the primary disciples was given.  Where did they go and what became of them?

Each audience member was given a comment sheet to fill out.  I had only two comments:  “Very impactful.  How do I get involved next year?” If I had one critique it would be the number of male solos; however there were a few beautiful duets in there that I would be happy to be part of. Driving home by way of dropping Mandie off (totally ok with that… she drove, we jammed out, and had nice conversation), we were greeted by another wave of winter.  Yippeee, yahoo.  But I was pleased to have the company and time to chat with someone very special who I have only recently reconnect with after 8 years.

In this Holy Week 2014, may we all remember the Price He Paid so That WE…. Those who condemned him to death on a cross…. Would be saved and have everlasting Life.  I highly, HIGHLY recommend this show which runs at the Woodburn Missionary Church in Woodburn, Indiana every year the same week at 7PM.  It is in its 24th season so they must be doing something right.


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  • I was directed to the blog by a neighbor friend from an on line game. Glad to see there are many who are serving the Lord in Northwest Ohio. We are doing our best to serve in North West Pennsylvania. Keep sharing your faith publicly on line. Acts17:17

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