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On June 16, 2014 by Jamy Shaffer

imagesSaturday night’s event took some planning not only on the part of our leader but some practice from your truly.  Last Wednesday night, I was asked to learn a parody of a funny song.  It took some work to research the song in order to get the lyrics in hand.  Time and time again, I happened across sites that contain the words to the original 150 year old novelty tune.  You tube videos, my normal lyric sites, nothing.  Then somehow, an article appeared in my browser which gave me all the info I needed.  The lyrics I had to copy by setting my iPad on repeat.  I was informed that I would be lip-synching the tune.  I always enjoyed the 80s novelty contest “Putting on the Hitz” in which contestants would dress up as their favorite performer and perform a song but I never envisioned myself mouthing the words.  HOURS and HOURS I slaved over the task.

All this work is going to soon turn into fruition.  I was informed that the event would be slightly different from our normal Mustache Nights.  Instead of slapping sticky strips of hair above our lips (or other parts of our anatomy… forehead or finger) and being goofy, the group would be making a professional music video, filmed by an actual film company Moonlight Productions.  After I heard the song and was in on the secret, I informed Chris about the costuming I envisioned: a blue pair of overalls, a RED painter’s cap,and red t-shirt.  Close, very close, I did have the blue bibs and red t-shirt.  Stay tuned for the finished product.

The setup was fun.  I would lip-sync the tune while being filmed at various locations throughout the park.  Later, the groups of young people were divided into groups.  Each group was given a word within the song which they were to act out.  While each group acted their given word out, Keith would hilariously enter the scene doing some crazy dance.  A role reversal if ever there was one.  I had to be the serious, straight man, instead of the wild character performer.  Difficult but, hopefully, rewarding when the final product is premiered.  Cryptic, yes.  But I have yet to see the finished product so stay tuned to your local Disciple Day site for further, late breaking developments as they become available.

“The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.” (Proverbs 12:15)

Our camera man!  THANKS JAY!

Our camera man! THANKS JAY!


So good, I had to post it twice! LOL


Holy Stache BATMAN! It’s UNIBROW!


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