Tagging Birthdays and Catching Up

On July 25, 2014 by Jamy Shaffer

laser-tag-party-800x600Ok… here we are three events behind.  Time to get rolling again.  Lazer Tag again which may seem like a weekly occurrence but it brings the kids and seems like a favorite.  During the area summer Jubilee at the end of June,  our group set up a free hot dog stand block away from the festivities around the square.  Chris and Lisa have done this the past few years in order to not only feed passersby who would otherwise spend crazy amounts on the carnival grounds but also to draw in more of our youth to come to our Saturday night gatherings and learn about Christ and have a fun time as well.  One of the draws Chris alluded to was the popularity of our periodic Lazer Tag nights which he stated would be the next event.

So… after Alyssa, Sydney, and I  gathered Pierce and Ashton, we set off to the park.  Before the tagging began,  Elizabeth brought along a gift for the July birthday celebrators.  On a huge poster board, she had begun to create a mural of names and drawings.  A few were added, a few more were inadvertently left out but the thought was there and I am sure that those left off were added.  In addition to the poster, we indulged in mini cupcakes.  Hopefully, the birthday celebration will continue each month.

After our weekly feast of hot dogs and cookies, chips, and other highly nutritious goodies, the lasers were distributed and teams (which soon broke up) were formed.  Some of us had laser duels… 20 paces (which were shortened to 10 because of space) turn and fire.  I was victorious in one match.

Another big attraction for our young disciples is the huge wooded play area, Imagination Station.  Each week while we are beginning to assemble,  most of the kids find themselves going over.  More specifically, the adults find themselves chasing the kids down and corralling them back to the pavilion.  Lazer Tag and Imagination Station… a winning combination!

Another personal favorite of mine is my role of photographer.  More and more I find it quite challenging to get pictures of many of the little ones.  Those who run and scream are my favorites.  At times, I am able to get a decent pose.  Other times, I get a blur.  Then there are those times, I get a good, humorous shot.   They know who they are so I will post some of these at the end.

“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you and that your joy be full.” (John 15:11)




Chris practicing his GOOOOOOOAL pose for the next World Cup.




One of our newest (and cutest) additions, SJ being pushed by Alyssia.


The birthday trio. Beeber, Liberty (Your Event Photographer, and Lisa

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