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fear-factor-birthday-party-games.pngThe television series might have ended a number of years ago, but the memory lingers.  While discussing Disciple Day’s second annual rendition, I was reminded by my brother that a former hometown girl and her daughter were the victors of the first Family-edition of Fear Factor.  Theme parks around the country also attempted to cash in on the spectacle (?).  In what is sure to be an annual event, our group is presented with various items to feel and taste (we need to work on the other 3 senses) but nothing that would put anyone in grave peril.  No waivers were signed, anyway.

When Ash (someone to fear if ever there was one) and I arrived after needing to find alternate parking because a huge swim competition was taking place at the nearby pool, we were greeted by Chris who held a mystery box.  Those who dared put there hand in the box to determine “What is it?”  For many, the fear of the unknown was more frightening than any of the items to come.  Knowing the answer to the the tantalizing question before reaching inside, I told the other brave souls… “It’s Thing.”  Of course, many of the young ones had no idea that I was referring to the hand who lost the rest of his body from “The Addam’s Family.”

After dinner, the fun kicked into high gear.  The first of two creatures was passed around the circle of kids both young and old.  The white rat generously donated by Cornerstone Critters (the local pet store) met with oohs and aaahs and a few trepidations of being bitten.  However, after assuring those who were sightly fearful, they all had a chance to hold and pet Steve Bear Bob.

The second creature met with more anxiety.  A python was also on loan to us.  Before the slithering snake was passed, we all disinfected our hands in case he developed a liking to the scent given off by Steve Bob Bear.  Thankfully, the snake did not develop a crush on any of the hearty individuals who decided to take a turn as handlers.

Later as has been a tradition of our version of Fear Factor, the delectable delicacies from around the world (ok… Taiwan as the labels said).  On the menu this year: mealworms (held over from last year), BBQ flavor bamboo worms, queen weaver ants (“lightly oiled and then oven-roasted and seasoned with salt”… because as anyone will tell you ants are better when they are salty), grasshoppers (bacon and cheddar style for the finest in Taiwanese cuisine), and le piece de resistance… SCORPIONS!  complete with stinger.  Only three brave individuals were lucky (?) enough to indulge (errr…. make that two because one was dropped).  Interestingly, three younglings quickly volunteered to meet the challenge.  And I think we even had to turn a few away.  Happily, there were no pig’s feet of which Dennis Jones could drink the juice and get sick.

After the pets and devouring of the delicacies, a shocking game was brought out in which up to four people could test their skill and fortitude to not get an electric shock sent through their bodies.  Unlike the best part of the 007 movie Never Say Never Again,  the highest level of this game resulted in little more than a ticklish sensation.

“The fear of the Lord leads to life, and whoever has it rests satisfied; he will not be visited by harm.” (Proverbs 19:23)

What's in the box Ashton?

What’s in the box Ashton?


Taylor? What’s in the box?

Chris, SJ, and Steve Bob Bear

Chris, SJ, and Steve Bob Bear

I don't think we named the snake.

I don’t think we named the snake.

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The look on Ashton's face is priceless!

The look on Ashton’s face is priceless!


I think Chris is about to discover that he has some critters on him.

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