Disciple Day’s Wonderful World of Color

On August 25, 2014 by Jamy Shaffer

Disney's-World-of-Color-webSome of us of a certain age lived in a time when Walt Disney’s weekly television show was entitled Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.  I am not among those who can attest to that (the title changed 4 years before I was born).  Our last gathering contained several younglings who put their creative minds at work while other children (and a few adults) bravely allowed their faces and hair to be given a touch of pigment.  When first reading about the Color Fest, I was a bit curious in that we have had a few nights of make up/beauty fun (?) in which a select few were given makeovers.  We will see if I post a few throwback photos at the end.  I have not decided as yet.

So, we had cans of color for hair and a dazzling array of paints for other body parts.  We also had bloonies.  Bloonies…. what are those?  If memory serves, they were around when I was a youth.  With these magical devices, you attach a small amount of stuff on the end of a small tube and slowly blow through the tube to create a bloonie.  Some small, some large, some one color, some multi-colored, all fun.

We also had sidewalk chalk… or in our case… bicycle/walking path chalk.  Creative geniuses used their skill to create pavement pictures.  Perhaps to transport us to our very own “Jolly Holiday.”  I think I see a theme creating here…

Finally…. the biggest hit of all… the face/hair paining.  I have to say, some of our little artists were quite elaborate in their artistry as you will soon discover.  From tribal tattoo drawings to full face transformations, it was truly remarkable to see the creations take shape with all the colors of the wind.  (OK… enough of the tie-ins)

We also celebrated August birthdays with our second monthly poster and cupcakes.  Unfortunately, I did not get a photo of the poster and only a few (if any) of our birthday folk were in attendance.  So a very, merry UN-birthday to the rest of us.  I DID manage the capture some shots of a few would-be cupcake snatchers.

Not much to say this week.  Instead, I will let the pictures speak a thousand words.  Such wonderful talent for our youth to create and share for His glory!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”  (James 1:17)

10340164_793632190689423_5007360892603079395_n 10559727_793632140689428_589606721442723261_n 10559771_793632157356093_3725992835653387595_n

Sammie with her bloonie.  WHAT?!  I was able to take  a picture without her running away.  What was wrong with her?

Sammie with her bloonie. WHAT?! I was able to take a picture without her running away. What was wrong with her?

Attempted cupcake theft.

Attempted cupcake theft.

CAUGHT IN THE ACT of 1st degree cupcake thievery!  No CUPCAKE FOR YOU!

CAUGHT IN THE ACT of 1st degree cupcake thievery! No CUPCAKE FOR YOU!

AH!  Keith and Jed...

AH! Keith and Jed…


Keith forming his own tribe... Be Afraid.

Keith forming his own tribe… Be Afraid.

No words....

No words….

A young KISS fan?

A young KISS fan?

10557268_793632350689407_1916831550186586133_n 10584015_793632020689440_6531401252833264267_n

Don't smudge the makeup Chloe...

Don’t smudge the makeup Chloe…

Monkey came back!

Monkey came back!



Ok… throwback…. I thought those were all burned.


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