The Famine Games III: Back to the Island

On September 8, 2014 by Jamy Shaffer

imagesI was not fortunate enough to be part of last year’s adventure,  I do remember that I tried very diligently to head over to the island after I got out of work but remembered that the next day was my church’s Fall Festival so it would be very difficult to attend and be back.  I was blessed to be part of the inaugural event in which I had the part of Leviticus Onenineosix to develop which was quite fun.  So, having the opportunity to join friends and whatever young adventurers were given permission to attend was a new thrilling experience.  by the time we were set to head to the island, Chris, Lisa, Dennis, and myself (the four brave adults?) were in charge of 6 young ladies, our melon mascot (appropriately named Melon), Ginger,  and poor Parker (the sole male teen after El Alexander became sick hours before the event kicked off).

Before we headed out, I had to stop by our local WM to pick up a few things.  I contacted our illustrious leader to see if there was anything he would like me to pick up.  Some ice.  Truth be told,  I asked for the big bag; however, the cashier only charged me for the small bag.  When I arrived at the Avell home, I fully anticipated the prospect of being asked to get another bag.  Somehow, the small bag was plenty for our needs.

The trip over was memorable.  I wanted to listen to the Buckeye’s opener and Dennis got bored.  “Who listens to football on the radio?”  I think Taylor and Sammie fell asleep because it was very quiet in the back seat.  But we reached the landing in one piece, even if we ALMOST turned left at a turn that was marked no left turn.

After our friendly boat captain and his trusty daughter delivered us to our island home for the next 17 hours, we were greated by what could be best described as near jungle like environs.  A totally private resort with no amenities.  If you had to go, had to change, you made do with the surroundings available.  We did have a supply of TP so there was no need to use leaves or grass.

After finding a clearing to pitch our one tent (we all would be sleeping outside under the stars, except for Lisa) we headed down to the river to swim and explore.  We had an inflatable boat that the kids played in for a while.  After we left and found a more suitable campsite, someone decided to borrow the boat yet leave the nets and other items that were inside it.

Later, after moving our site, we returned to the water.  Dennis, Chris, and others discovered some clams and started to collect them.  That night,  Dennis and Parker indulged in a few of the oyster delicacies.  Dennis’ second did not meet with his approval as he tasted it, spit it up, tried it again, and more of the same.  Tasty, I would say.

What would a campout be without a campfire?  Enough wood was gathered to keep it burning (I presume) all night.  Hot dogs (no DD event is complete without hot dogs), s’mores (what campfire is complete without s’mores?), and other healthy treats were on the menu.  Oh, yes, we had to bid a fond farewell to our beloved Melon who had touched so many.  A makeshift knife was created and the butchering was initiated by Taylor and was completed by Parker.

A word about our beach.  After getting wet, it turned into a clay-like surface that was very slick and made climbing out of the water quite an experience.  I slipped, fell back in the water, slipped again, and got a hand out to help.  Fun times!  LOL

As darkness fell across the land (and we kept checking the time… it was a blast but the time seemed to crawl), Chris regaled us with some tales of fright.  I kept dozing off…. I know what you are thinking and it was NOT the stories causing the drowsiness.  I was so informed that I was “Snoring pretty good.”  LOL

The next morning, we had to pack up our trash early as our boat captain had an early call.  So after Surviving the island (the threat of rain was present but our clearing had a canopy of trees), we set sail.  On the way, what to our wandering eyes should appear but an inflatable boat and oars on an opposite shore.  We suffered one casualty, Lisa’s camera which she had taken some pictures.  Perhaps a victim of native savagery.  Could have been useful after my own camera ran out of juice and once again, we had no electricity so…

Dennis, Sammie, Taylor, and I made a pit stop at McDs while the rest travelled to Angel’s to bring her to church.  Since, I so brilliantly decided to go inside the restaurant, we had an intimate gathering praising and discussing the Word.  A fun, fulfilling, adventurous day surrounded by God’s beauty.


“For by Him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities-all things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:16-17)


AH.... WELCOME.  Now who is that in the pink and turquoise?

AH…. WELCOME. Now who is that in the pink and turquoise?


AH Close-up of PINquoise.


Many of us agreed that little Maddy was the Ultimate Survivor

Say... you there...  can you  toss me a line here.

Say… you there… can you toss me a line here.


What has Julia founded dere?

Who knows what mysteries lurk in the shadows of... THE ISLAND?

Who knows what mysteries lurk in the shadows of… THE ISLAND?

Poor Melon... if you only knew the demise awaiting you

Poor Melon… if you only knew the demise awaiting you

AHHHHH.... The first cut is the deepest (or maybe not in this case)

AHHHHH…. The first cut is the deepest (or maybe not in this case)

Oh, the indignity.  My innards on display for all to see and devour.  MURDERERS

Oh, the indignity. My innards on display for all to see and devour. MURDERERS

How are those clams coming along?

How are those clams coming along?

You may fire when ready, Grimsley.

You may fire when ready, Grimsley.

Slimy, yet satisfying?

Slimy, yet satisfying?

Until next summer my dear younglings and Famine Games IV.  May the Lord be ever in your favor.


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