Church Should Be Like A Bounce House

On September 19, 2014 by Steve Miller


A church should be more like a bounce house than a balloon. Okay that is probably a new analogy for you, so let me explain a bit.

Both bounce houses and balloons are designed to be filled, the real important component is what is invisible and contained inside. Air is necessary for the structures to have any form at all, for this reason they are useless if empty. There is a major difference though, bounce houses are constantly being refilled, in fact they are designed to unceasingly cycle through fresh air . A steady stream of new air blows through the bounce house because it is connected to an air pump; this is how a healthy church operates too.

A healthy church will constantly be getting refilled because it is spiritually connected to the source of life, Jesus. An unhealthy church will operate more like a balloon; because it does not understand the principle of continuously abiding in Jesus for fresh life, it will try to hold onto its initial filling as if that is all it is ever going to get. An unhealthy church will horde what little spiritual energy it is given because it will not be aware of the readily available ongoing spirit life freely given by Jesus. Healthy Bounce House churches will be generous with all their resources because they live dependent upon fresh supplies from God; they know they have been blessed so they may bless others. Unhealthy balloon churches horde their gifting and try to keep all God has given them trapped inside for their members only. They have foolishly believed success is linked to maintaining and preserving rather than venturing and daring. Healthy churches freely give all they have been given because they realize faith involves both obedience and risk taking for the Gospel.

One great advantage of a Bounce House over a balloon is Bounce Houses do not pop. Bounce Houses are designed to be jumped on, kicked, hit, and can also absorb the impact of people when they fall down, balloons are too rigid and will burst if too much outside pressure is applied. Churches are to be flexible and constantly shifting and moving as they adjust to life’s variable rather than remaining stressed and rigid.

The Holy Spirit is always available and willing to fill His Church, but spiritually dry churches have not learned to be dependent upon Him. When a church learns to rely on prayer, worship, and the study of God’s Word, it has connected itself to a fresh supply of spiritual power. So is your church filled with stale air? Has it operated more like a balloon than a Bounce House? If so start thinking of your church more like a Bounce House. Take off your shoes, get some friends to jump around with you in worship, and invite Jesus to refill your lungs and your congregation with the breathe of life!

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