Scripture Written Yesterday or Wasn’t It?

I don't know that I even need to say anything but this passage looks as though Paul wrote it yesterday.

09th Sep
Scripture Written Yesterday or Wasn’t It?

Making New Witnesses Luke 24:45-53

This weekend saw a number of exciting events take place at church. ...

13th May

A Light In The Darkness

A facebook friend gave me a jolt of inspiration for this post. ...

17th Apr

God loves you!!!

It was because of the darkness that He sweat great drops of blood.

24th Mar
God loves you!!!

Habemus Papem

    After a mere day, the 266th Cardinal of Rome has...

14th Mar

40 Days

  Every year beginning on Ash Wednesday (hmmm….. THAT IS TODAY!) and...

13th Feb

Where was God in the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary?

“WHERE IS GOD?” I have read this many times this weekend as...

17th Dec