The Return Home

If I choose those things if I choose to be selfish instead of selfless and I can, then this is my "LIFE" this is it for me and I would be foolish not to eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow I will die.

04th May
The Return Home

It’s time to wear the pants!

Just be cause our fathers decided to be pot smoking hippies who love making love not war, does not give us an excuse to sit idly by, complacent with life while we deterriorate back to cave men.

28th Feb
It’s time to wear the pants!

Where have we gone?

Instead of playing church it is time to get busy living church everyday!

07th Feb

My Heart Gets a Hug

Heart Hug = those unexpected moments when you feel so incredibly blessed...

24th Jan

Hello There – PTL!

I’m not a big fan of texting acronyms; I avoid LOL like...

12th Jan