Church Should Be Like A Bounce House

Churches should be more like a bounce house than a balloon.

19th Sep

Learning From Disciples Who Flew the Coop

You, however, must teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine. Teach the...

08th Jan

True Discipleship Is As Good As It Gets

True discipleship is not a burden any more so than true friendship is a burden. In fact that is perhaps the best definition for Christian discipleship, "friendship with Jesus."

31st Aug

Keeping God First and Family Concerns Secondary

Is your family an idol?

28th Aug

In The Garden

  On the third night of his mission, Father Moore spoke on...

22nd Mar

The Christian Healthcare Plan

What kind of care do you offer those under your spiritual leadership?...

16th Mar

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have a Very Happy and Blessed Valentine’s Day!!  “A new command I...

14th Feb

Yummy Fun For Large Families!!

Being the devoted wife and mother that I am 🙂 I feel...

19th Jan